App Build Standards

All our apps share the same standards that ensures we are giving the best experience for our dear clients.

Happy Customer

Awesome Experience

Zero Code Required; Super Easy and Simple UI; High Quality UI; Zero Errors; Theme Independent. These are some principles we follow in very and each of the apps we built.

Premium Support

Fast and Efficient Support

All the support tickets are handling in max of 24 hours. Our average time-response is 2 hours.

High Quality

Low Cost, High Quality

We build Revy Apps with the main goal of provide high quality Shopify apps: apps that works in any Shopify Store with minimum configuration, minimum support handling, and offer at low prices.

Know our Apps

Check out below our premium shopify apps, they are compatible with any shopify theme and all of our apps has installations that requires ZERO lines of code. Don't be afraid, test it today!

Banner Unlimited UpSell Offers Shopify App

Unlimited UpSell Offers

Use the power of UpSell Offers to increase Average Purchase Value

Different than others, Revy UpSell takes the upsell strategy to another level, triggering and showing the Upsell Popup in the right moment of the customer decision, capturing the customer attention and increasing substantially your chances of making sales with multiple items, not just one.

  • UpSell Offers encourage customers to add higher-valued items to increase sales from any customers
  • Grow your profit without needed to make more sales. Just increasing average order value.
  • 1-Click Install. Quickly and Easy to Setup. Focus on increase the conversion rate of your shopify store.
Banner Add-To-Cart & Checkout BOOSTER Shopify App

Add-To-Cart & Checkout BOOSTER

BOOSTS your revenue adding Call-To-Action buttons in your store

The Add to Cart and Checkout BOOSTER App increases your revenue by streamlining and simplifying adding products to the cart and checking out, so your visitors add MORE products to their cart QUICKER and abandoned carts decrease

  • Instantly increases your revenue by strategically placing Call-To-Action buttons throughout your store to boost Products added to the Cart + decrease abandoned Carts
  • THREE-IN-ONE Shopify Revenue BOOSTER App Including: Add to Cart Bar, Sticky Cart Button, Quick Add to Cart Buttons for Collections
  • Setup is lightning fast with No Coding Required. Automatically matches your unique branding. Desktop + Mobile Optimized
Banner Sales Countdown Timer Shopify App

Sales Countdown Timer

Boost your sales with the power of Urgency and Scarcity

Shoppers have a natural tendency to delay the purchasing decision as long as possible. The vast majority of shoppers that leave your product page will never return. This abandonment means their cash isn’t going into your pocket.

  • Use the Principle of Urgency to Boost your Sales. Quickly and Easy to Setup!
  • When The Time Is Up, It Simply Auto Restarts. Setup Timers for Holiday Sales: Blackfriday Sales, Christmas Sales, etc.
  • Professional Visual, Works Perfectly On Mobile. Totally Customizable, Text, Colors, Theme, Font(Bold), etc.
Sales Motivator Bar Shopify App

Sales Motivator Bar

Increase your sales by using the power of Urgency & Motivation

Shoppers have a desire to get the best deal possible. The Revy Sales Motivator allows you to create custom “goals” in which your site visitors will receive a reward after spending a certain dollar amount (that you set). This compels visitors to spend more to achieve the reward!

  • Harness the psychological principle of Motivation to boost your sales!
  • Fully customizable - set to match your brand in seconds.
  • Tap into the power of Motivation to urge your visitors to buy more!

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